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I have the following accounts where my projects are published:

[GitHub | six-two] [GitLab | six-two] [PyPI | six-two]

Web applications

MkDocs plugins

MkDocs is a static site generator (which is also used to create this web site). I have written the following plugins:

  • autotag: Add tags based on file names and paths
  • badges: Add badges to your MkDocs page
  • crosslink: Simplify links between different MkDocs sites
  • placeholder: This plugin allows you to have placeholders in your site, that can be dynamically replaced at runtime using JavaScript
  • toggle-sidebar: Toggle the navigation and/or TOC sidebars on your MkDocs site


These projects are either written for pentesting or in other ways useful during my normal work:

  • demo-pentest-report: A very simple report generator using Markdown and pandoc.
  • personal scripts / shell configs: Some small pentest related script are in pentest/.
  • qr.html: Single HTML file QR code generator. Useful to extract small amounts of information (less than 3kB, like the result of a terminal command) from VMs, Citrix, RDP, etc when other methods (shared file system, clipboard sync) are disabled.
  • self-hosted-static-pages: Files / simple web applications to host on a server. Can be self-hosted if you are not allowed to use external resources.
  • self-unzip.html: Self-extracting HTML pages. Useful to smuggle executable files past corporate HTTP proxies that scan downloads or filter them by file type.
  • shell-command-logger: Record the output of Linux commands (using script), so that they can be replayed or searched later.

Last update: 2023-09-10